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1 About Us
Noblewell is a regional Contract Research Organization operating in the Central and Eastern Europe region. Big populations of countries within our scope of activities (e.g., Poland, Germany) allow for faster subject recruitment. Our portfolio includes conducting research from pre-clinical testing through four phases of clinical trials, designing research, designing and wiring protocols, project management, personnel outsourcing, patient recruitment, laboratory services, pharmaceutical support, data management, assistance with publications of trial results, and many others. About Noblewell

2 Clinical Research
Noblewell provides a full range of CRO services from pre-clinical testing to Phase I-IV of clinical research for both drugs and medical devices. We lead our clients through four phases of clinical development. We have proven to be effective both during the first phases requiring small number of patients as well as during further phases demanding larger number of research subjects. Clinical Research

3 Drug Studies
Our experience enables us to lead your potential pharmaceutical product through all phases of pre-clinical and clinical development, and introduce it to the market in a safe, cost-efficient and timely manner. Drug Clinical Trials

4 Device Studies
Development of new medical devices constitutes a great part of therapeutic discoveries. Over the last years Noblewell, Inc has gained experience in conducting multi-centre and multinational clinical trials for medical devices. We have worked both with European and American companies, which enabled us to gain the necessary knowledge of regional regulatory affairs. As a result, we have proven to be very effective during early phases of medical device development, the process which requires many amendments to the Protocol, in order to assure appropriate response to the changing administrative and scientific situation. Medical Device Clinical Trials

5 Our Performance
Our responsiveness to client requirements has proven to be of great value and importance in terms of saving time and cutting down the costs. Noblewell Performance

6 Why Noblewell?
Noblewell is ready to lead you through every step of your study. Whether your study is a small sample first-in-human trial, a dose-ranging, or a multicentre Phase II or III study, Noblewell is able to provide you with all the necessary assistance. Thanks to our knowledge of regulations, and the state of healthcare in the region, we are ready to assist you in any stage and with every aspect of conducting the trial. Why Noblewell Clinical Research

7 Contact Us
We're here to provide our clients with assistance that will enable them to achieve success in clinical development. Contract Research Organization (CRO) in Poland